Sail Training Bursary Schemes

Local Bursary Schemes


Since 2013, Sail Training Ireland has been running local bursary schemes which are essentially collaborative efforts between ourselves, a local body such as a port or county council and local businesses.

Funding is raised by the local body through generous donations from local businesses. Sail Training Ireland is then able to place young people aged 16-30 years of age from the locality on sail training voyages. These young people come from a range of backgrounds and many have little or no sailing experience.

The young people usually leave with a huge sense of achievement and a better understanding of the importance of teamwork and responsibility, all of which will stand to them for a long time afterwards.

Please contact for more information on any of the following Bursary schemes

Drogheda Sail Training Bursary
Irish Cruising Club Sail Training Bursary Scheme
Cork Sail Training Bursary Scheme
Dublin Sail Training Bursary Scheme
Waterford Sail Training Bursary Scheme
Belfast Sail Training Bursary Scheme
Foyle Sail Training Voyages
Cork Islands Voyages

If you wish to develop a similar bursary scheme in your area, please contact us at: