Nominating Organisations

Sail Training Ireland has developed a network of “Nominating Organisations” which can be schools, community groups, youth groups, charities, health workers, Garda Diversion projects, educational training organisations and many more.

We rely on these organisations to identify young people who are in need of and will benefit from our funded opportunities. They offer important support to trainees during their preparation for voyages and when they return from the voyage. This helps to maximise the benefits of the experience for the participants.

The benefits of becoming a Nominating Organisation include:

  • Access to trainee funding
  • Early notification of upcoming voyages
  • Reservation of berths on board (Contracted)
  • Regular newsletter

The nominating organisations act as a reference for their trainees and along with Sail Training Ireland will support and encourage fundraising opportunities.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Nominating Organisation, please download this form.